Train hard, stay strong & go into your next fight in the best shape of your career.

Let’s be honest... If you’re training hard for your next fight, tournament or match, then you know how tough it is to hold on to your muscle and strength when trying to cut weight.

If you’re trying to change weight classes, then it’s even harder! At first, things happen quickly, but then the process slows down.

Plus, if you’re a serious athlete, you know that being bigger and stronger than your opponent is a major advantage.

The issue is doing it in a safe way without becoming weak, dehydrated or increasing the risk of injury.

There’s nothing worse than feeling drained on fight day.

Surprisingly there’s not a lot of information on how to cut weight. It’s the most overlooked aspect of training and a bad weight cut can drastically affect your performance. Don’t risk months of hard work due to an unplanned cut.

Hi, my name is Dr. Ryan Parsons. I’ve worked with combat sports artists for 20 years, experiencing hundreds of training camps and weight cuts.

A Safe & Scientific Way To Cut Weight

Maybe you can relate to this:

In 1994 I wrestled in the US Open. After cutting 25 lbs, I stepped on the mat with my mouth so dry I couldn’t swallow. Starving myself, without a plan about what I was doing didn’t work out very well.

Why do I mention this?

As someone who suffered from doing things the wrong way, I know how debilitating it can be for combat athletes.

I’ve experimented for years before finding the methods that produced any results at all. I visited other trainers, read studies, experimented, and did anything else that offered the slightest hope.

In other words, I was ready to do whatever it took to find the answers.

After years of experimentation, I found a system that produced results for many elite athletes. I knew that others had the same issues so I started putting together programs for combat athletes.

That was the beginning of what’s now the Ultimate Weight Cut Guide.

Over the years of coaching top fighters, I’ve found out how specific strategies work for particular individuals. There is not a “one size fits all” solution. But there are basic principles that benefit most people.

I now know what questions and issues are most important for fighters and combat athletes. And I have a system that is both safe and very powerful!

This system, as well a specific weight cut plan are all explained in detail inside my new guide “The Ultimate Weight Cut Plan”.

If you compete in combat sports and need to make weight, than this guide is for you.

How To Cut Weight Without Going Through Torture

In most cases, you will begin seeing noticeable results quickly but individual results may vary (in terms of body composition). While some athletes might need more time, the methods included in the guide have an impact that can be seen and felt.

Here are just some of the things revealed inside my new weight cut guide:

  • How to avoid the negative effects of dehydration (the biggest concern)
  • How to cut weight and minimize the chance of injury
  • Understand the safe amount of how weight to cut
  • Weight cutting strategies
  • Read my comprehensive “competition week plan”, that you can put to use right away
  • Know what you should eat and avoid during competition week
  • What to do on the day of weigh-in
  • Discover the biggest rehydration mistakes
  • Get a competition day meal plan (sample meals and recipes)
  • Avoid common issues that complicate the weight-cut process
  • And much more…

Now Is The Time For A Professional Weight Cutting Approach, Isn’t It?

And with a clear plan, you can eliminate that stressful question – will I make weight?

As you can see, this really is the ultimate guide to cutting weight for combat athletes. You can take advantage of decades of practice and begin to see immediate results.

While most trainers are very general in their approach, this guide gives you detailed roadmaps and weekly plans so that you can simply follow the steps.

Not only that, but…

Even athletes with years of experience have been shocked at how quickly things can be turned around with my approach.

Will Your Next Cut Be The Easiest Weight Cut Of Your Career?

Just imagine going in to your next fight knowing you're planned everything until the final bell rings. Think about how you’ll feel when you can step on the scale, knowing you’ve made weight, and feel strong ready to fight. Fact is, this is not a fantasy. This is very real for the athletes who took action and got a copy of my detailed guide.

The only question left is - do you want to be next?

“OK – So What’s The Cost?”

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100% “Better-Than-Risk-Free” Money Back Guarantee

Firstly, if you read the “Weight Cut Plan”, and don’t see any changes in 30 days, you can email me at any time and ask for your money back. No worries. I will promptly give you your money back. No hard feelings and no questions asked. In fact, I’ll even let you keep the report for wasting your time!

That’s right, 30 days to read the guide or else ask (and receive) an immediate refund.

That’s how confident I am that I can deal with your weight cut issues of the past. You have nothing to lose by giving me a chance to prove it to you.

I can’t be any fairer than that.

I urge you to take action right now and lock in your copy. Trust me, this is the advantage you need over your opponent.

Get ready to say farewell to the tortuous weight cutting process.

All the best,

Ryan Parsons

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