I have been involved in individual combative sports with weight classes since the age of 10. Cutting weight has and will always be a piece of the competitive equation. When you do it right it shows and when you get it wrong you feel it in your soul. I’ve been on both ends of that experience during my many years as a wrestler so when asked to drop down to the 205 lbs weight division and compete against Chuck Liddel for the light heavyweight interim championship title. I wanted assure I made that weight cut the right way with so much more than just a win or a loss riding on my performance.

I enlisted the help of friend, chiropractor, and nutritional guru, Ryan Parsons to help me make the appropriate adjustments to my training and eating habits. I showed up in Las Vegas for the weigh ins and the fight lean and mean. I was 20 lbs lighter than the former heavyweight athlete I had been, but with all my strength and endurance still intact. I had one of the best performances of my 14 year career as an MMA athlete and the blue print for a big piece of that success is in the pages of this guide to weight cutting!

Special Thanks to Ryan for imparting his knowledge to me in that endeavor. Now you too can benefit from his expertise. There is nothing in this world worse than standing in the center of that combative arena with the realization that you got it wrong! Randy Couture, MMA champion and hall of fame member. *individual results may vary.


Three-time UFC Heavyweight Champion

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“I’ve been cutting weight for over 30 years. from high school wrestling to the Olympics to world Championship fights. This is the most effective, easy to follow approach and it will save you from making the mistakes that so many athletes do.” *individual results may vary.


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“Dr Parsons was the first in this field and I can tell you from experience - this program works.” *individual results may vary.


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“I’ve been cutting weight with Doc for 5 years. We’ve spent more time in a hot sauna than I care to remember. If you want a great weight cut. Follow the Ultimate Weight Cut Guide.” *individual results may vary.


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“This is the plan I follow to make weight. It works every time!” *individual results may vary.


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“The Ultimate Weight Cut Guide is a great resource for newbies and veterans. Easy to understand and well presented, this will help your next weight cut considerably.” *individual results may vary.


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“An athlete is only as good as his/her mental and physical health, and I wish this guide had been around for me earlier. I’m inspired again because I see something great here and I’m fortunate to have this Ultimate weight cut guide at my side!” *individual results may vary.


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 Your weight can make or break a performance. I've competed at an elite level around the globe and far too many athletes do not plan their weight cut. This is your chance to do it right. * Individual results may vary.